Manufactured here in the UK, these FULLY WASHABLE harnesses are made with ease of use and comfort of both handler and dog firmly in mind.  These harnesses were the FIRST to feature the front D ring as standard to balance the dog and prevent pulling.  A Snuggle Pets Fleece Harness allows more comfort for your dog to sniff and explore without the unpleasantness of the pressure of a collar on their neck.  Used correctly, with a double ended lead, a Snuggle Pets Fleece Harness will prevent your dog from pulling.  Your dog’s spine will retain it’s natural position and this causes no pain compared to a collar.  A Snuggle Pets Fleece Harness will allow for a relaxed and natural body language even when on a lead, and thus help communication with other canines.  Our comfortable, wider, padded straps won’t rub or create soreness and are designed to sit on your dog’s shoulders to prevent choking.  The unique padded girth straps are designed not to create contact rubbing or friction.  These harnesses work on dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes and come in a range of colours, plus a Hi Viz range.  Fully machine washable at low temperatures…do not tumble dry
For correct size please measure the GIRTH of your dog. Make sure the head/neck hole is sufficient, especially for dogs with broader heads.